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  1. hi all! I would like to request prayers for my family. I am still struggling with my sons and a single parent. I am trying to weatherize my 1970 trailer in swatter and I need prayers.
    I know God is listening!

    lots of love and prayers,
    Sharon Marvin

  2. office_manager says:

    Sharon. We are praying for you and adding your prayers to our weekly prayer request that goes out to our prayer partners.

  3. V. Gill says:

    Yay! Amy Grant!

  4. Jill Derenoff says:

    Amy Grant! What a treat! We are going for sure!

    V. Gill, will you be coming to Juneau as well? That would be so very awesome!

    Thank you Love INC for organizing this.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait for my family to see you…. We love your music.

  6. Elizabeth Shepherd says:

    My disabled client has one CD of yours and that’s all she listens too 24/7. I am excited to be honored to driven the REACH vsn.

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