What is Love INC?

Love In the Name of Christ is a proven outreach model or strategy that helps church volunteers help their neighbors. It’s one of the most effective management, mobilization, and networking tools available to churches today. Over 9000 churches operating through 140 Love INC affiliates in 30 states have successfully operating Love INC organizations.
Using the Love INC model, local churches come together as a network. It’s a cooperative effort that makes a lasting impact on individuals, families, and children living in poverty.

Why do communities need Love INC?

Private and government agencies provide many services, but they by no means meet today’s growing demand of needs. Love INC’s network of resources, skills, and volunteers helps close the gaps. More disadvantaged individuals are rebuilding their lives while costing communities less, thanks to Love INC.

Why do churches need Love INC?

Jesus gave us the great commission to love one another. Love INC helps you turn that love into action. Many people never find an appropriate place to serve within their church. Love INC uses all the skills and talents a congregation has to offer. Time and again, Love INC volunteers tell how this type of service to others enriches and changes their life.

Why does Love INC work?

There is an untapped army of volunteers in local churches who are ready, willing, and able to build relationships with those in need. Love INC gives volunteers safe, manageable, and time-limited opportunities to put their Christian faith and love to work.

How does Love INC work?

Love INC takes a “clearinghouse” approach. All resources and calls for help are funneled through the local clearinghouse. Here requests are screened and matched with the most appropriate source for help.

Who benefits from Love INC?

People in need are provided with supportive relationships and sources for help. Local churches organize to more fully minister to their congregations and neighborhoods.

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello,
    I was given your name from someone who mentioned you maybe had a store or something?

    My family and I just moved here. We see that Salvation Army and goodwill are closed/non existent.

    I’m not looking for a hand out, just wondering how I can find some furniture? We currently don’t have any. I’m looking for:

    A desk
    Cubby shelves to use as a dresser or for – toys/books – small as our place is small
    Books + toys for age 4/5
    Table and chair foldable (our kitchen is tiny)
    We don’t have room for a couch, but maybe cushion chairs or basket chairs?

    If you can share where to get these, or we can work to pay for these please let me know.


  2. Hello Rebecca, I am sorry Love INC is just starting to get back up and running after the shutdowns. In order for us to help you, you would have to go through an intake process that would take several days. If you would like to call 907-780-4090 X29 and leave a message for the Clearinghouse Coordinator, she would be able to call you back and give you an idea on when we can start the intake process. Susan

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