Love In the Name of Christ Juneau is a network of caring, Christian churches in the greater Juneau area committed to helping individuals and families with spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

Our goals at Love INC are to:

  • improve individual financial stability and decrease the need for outside assistance.
  • improve self-image through better jobs and by encouraging people to make healthy choices.
  • foster stronger marriages, families, and healthy relationships.
  • break the cycle of generational poverty and debt.
  • give renewed hope.
  • educate individuals and empower them to improve their individual situations.

Love INC operations include:

  • Operate essential clearinghouse to receive requests for assistance, clarify, what the needs are, verify the need, eliminate duplicated services between churches and community agencies, develop a plan for assistance, and follow-up.
  • Inventory and maintain a resource database of all charitable church and social services in the Juneau area.
  • Work with our 25 church partners to match willing church helpers and resources to corresponding needs, allowing church members opportunities to show that they “love their neighbors as themselves” through support, education, and encouragement.