Jobs For Life Update

Jobs for Life 2015

Jobs for Life 2015

We are officially at the half way point in Jobs for Life! God is working in our class this year, as He does every year. The first day of class, we went from expecting 7 students to having 11! God provided the mentors that we needed that week and that day, as well.

One of the assignments that the students are working on is a “60 Second Commercial” about themselves to share with a potential employer. It advertises themselves and tells why they would be valuable to this employer. Each week the students practice for the whole class. This is a difficult thing to do. Not only are they in the spotlight, but they are also forced to think positively about themselves, which may be the first time some of them have done this.

Last week week we had three employers join us for a Business Round-table where they answered the students’ questions about finding and keeping a job. What an encouragement to everybody! To start class, the students shared their 60 second commercials. Everyone was blown away! The difference between last week and this week was incredible! The employers felt humbled and honored to be invited to share in what God was doing through Jobs for Life.


Thank you so much for your support of Love INC and Jobs for Life!



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