On Vacation?

Next time you are on vacation take an extra Ziplock baggie to bring home your unused toiletry items received at hotels. Yes, they’re yours – you paid for them.

Donate your travel sized toiletry items.
Donate your travel sized toiletry items.

You can then donate them to our PC Kit Ministry. We provide personal care kits to prisoners who are getting released from prison (as part of the back pack ministry). Each kit consisted of a small zip lock bag with travel size soap, shampoo, conditioner, & lotion. These kits are given at events like this and Loving Locals, the alternative high school, and in our Transitional Backpacks. Individual & family kits are also given as needed and are such a blessing since Food Stamps don’t cover these items.

You can support the Personal Care Gap Ministry by donating your extra travel size toiletry items you receive from hotels. The drop off location for this ministry is at Chapel by the Lake.

This important ministry helps spread the love of Christ to those who feel unlovable.

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