Transitional Backpacks up for Adoption

Transitional BackpacksWe provide a backpack to inmates who are getting released from prison. A simple backpack can and does represent hope to these men and women who have served their time behind bars. So many of them are scared or feel like no one cares about them. We, here at Love INC, want to make sure that everyone feels the love of Christ.

We have a close relationship with the prison chaplain, he calls us when an inmate requests a backpack. We are always in need of the following items: socks, hats, gloves, travel toiletries, razors, tooth brushes, bus tokens and bibles.

Your church could adopt this important ministry! Could you host a backpack drive and collect backpacks? How about a socks or gloves and hats drive? Could you ask your congregation to collect toiletries from hotels they stay at while on vacation? How about supplying bibles to include in the backpacks?

We hand pack each backpack with a shirt, pants and coat (if we have the correct size). We include a towel and washcloth, toiletries, a pair of socks, new undergarments, hat, gloves, bus tokens, bus schedule and a bible.

Contact us today to support this caring ministry! 907-780-4090

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